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Deepa Publications commenced the journey of innovative ideas in 1969 with “Pravasi Diary” – a unique combination of dairy and informative pages on places of tourist interest. “Map of Pune” was the first of its kind showing each and every road and lanes in the Pune City and was a great hit in Tourists, Sales Executives and anyone wanting to explore the city. Editions followed.

It was in 1984, Deepa Publications introduced a unique concept for managing and monitoring the vast and vital records generated during the field work of MSRs and ASMs. The “easy to record” formats designed, came handy to the field staff during the meetings to be ready with answers like the Performance of calls, sales analysis, stockist’s performance etc.

The idea was an instant hit winning appreciation of Pharma Companies ranging from small start-ups to industry heavy weights having field staff more than 2000. This unique concept has snow balled in to an industry in its own.

With in depth domain knowledge and years of vast experience in print industry we keep on introducing new formats and during our Sliver Jubilee Year 2009 we had also introduced a special diary for the RSMs. Our tireless efforts to innovate & provide effective sales & marketing tools render the copy cat products ineffective.

Managing Editor:

Founded by Jayant Joshi in 1969, Deepa Publications has always been a “House of Innovation”. Mr. Jayant Joshi started his career as a Jr. Scientist in Explosives Research & Dev. Labs. Govt.of India. However his innovative nature prompted him to find a new career track for himself with astonishing Original Concepts like “Pravasi Diary”, “Medical Representative Diary – Pharma Executive Diary” and “Map of Pune”.