Many Pharmaceutical companies in India have equipped their field force and their mangers with

the unique performance tracking tools devised by us in 1984. These specially designed diaries

have been equally appreciated by the field staff as well as their management for over 28 years.

Easy to record formats make it convenient for the users to record their field activity and at a

glance analysis reports provide valuable insight to the higher management.

Some of the USPs of our publication are as follows

– We provide diaries for any period (Jan to Dec / Apr to March).

– We welcome orders for any quantity, however small or big it is.

– We can provide diaries during any time of the year, hence making it easy to provide the

diaries to newly hired field staff.

– Companies using online software also use our diaries as dependable backup.

– Being the original inventors of this unique idea, we keep enhancing these tools periodically

We are sure your organization will also find these products useful.