RSM Diary

“Any Quantity, Any Period, Any Time”

This diary is specially designed for the use of second line managers (RSM) and is useful to monitor the sales / field work performance of, up to six area managers & their representative teams.The summary of contents is as follows.

Regional team profile: To record names & contact details of six ASM’s & MSR’s working under them.

  • Visiting list of core doctors: 8 pages providing formats to record the dates of visits to core doctors.
  • C.R.M. activity record: This format helps to keep record of special services provided throughout the year to doctors with details of budget spent & balance.
  • C.M.E. activity record: Special page to keep track of sponsored medical activities.
  • Weekly primary & secondary sales summary for the region: This page offers the details of weekly primary & secondary targets &achievements with cumulative figures & closing stock for the whole year at a glance.
  • HQ wise regional primary & secondary sales summary: Monthly record of primary & secondary targets & achievements with cumulative & closing stock per manager per HQ, for the whole year.
  • Product wise sales performance for the region: Month wise & product wise details of target & achievements.
  • Tour programs of the team at a glance for the month: Month wise tour program for self & six managers at a glance.
  • Field activity record for the month: Date wise monthly record of the field activity with provision to record name of the person worked with, place, doctor/trade calls & POB.